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Blog Title: Should the fan be on "on" mode for central air conditioners?

Main Que: Is it more economical to run the fan "On" always or should I have the fan set to Auto?

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  • Query By: BRENDA YOUNG (Big Lake, TX)
  • Date: 05/26/2014

Answer: Not necessarily. I would caution you to watch the Relative Humidity in the Home. Depending on EACH system, the amount of moisture that lays in your drain pans is then put back into the conditioned space when you continuously circulate the fan. If you are in a tropical environment, this is not the most efficient way to operate your system. The home may actually "feel" warmer when the air conditioning comes back on. This effect is caused by the changing of moisture in your home. Moist air is lighter than dry air, so when you start the dehumidification the moisture rises. The removal of moisture is the biggest cost associated with the conditioning of the air. You be the judge, as you will notice whether you are cooler and saving in your electrical consumption.

  • Replied By: BOBBY HUGHES (Pershing, SD)
  • Replied Date: 06/02/2014